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Reimagine Photography - where did it come from?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

“Mom’s taking pictures again !!...” That’s what my kids say when I take out my camera and say, “hang on a second, I just need to take this….”

I‘ve been taking pictures for years. There were lots of moments where I'd see something that I just needed to capture…. I'd see shapes and forms that were really interesting, or light creating the most amazing shadows and patterns. It may have been a landscape that just took my breath or just awesome shapes and colours in the clouds.

I’ve always been fascinated by the world around me. I find so much beauty and interest in what may seem like everyday places and things. Nothing is ‘ordinary’ to me though….

Artists have always had a very deep connection with the world around them, especially with nature itself. I guess we’re built to observe so we pay attention to the little things and find wonder in the 'ordinary'.

I can be stopped in my tracks by the simple delight of sunlight falling through the trees creating fabulous designs, the colour and patterns formed by rocks at the beach or just an old gate post painted so many times the peeling paint reveals echoes of times gone by. I love old buildings and the stories they tell and wonder about the all the people who have gone before. I'm fascinated by architecture and street art. I love the contrast of the manmade v's nature and how they can coexist and still be beautiful.

Up to recently I never knew what to do with these moments, the photos just sat on my camera. I told myself that one day I would find a way to share what I see in my head where the seemingly ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Then came a day when I was designing a gallery wall for my new kitchen. I wanted to create a statement piece where different images, places, colours and shapes worked together but also stood apart from each other. I took out the laptop and just played with my images. Reimagine Photography was born that day out a ‘What if?...’ moment. However it has now transformed and expanded into a real passion project that I’m very excited to explore, pursue and see what happens.

There is so much beauty in the world in the simplest of things…. I hope my prints help others look a little closer and see there is a little bit of Magic everywhere.

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