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How to commission a bespoke painting just for you or someone special

Buying an original work of art is an exciting personal experience and commissioning one is even more so: you are asking an artist whose work you feel a connection with to create something special just for you or a loved one.

Selecting a painting you want to own or offer to someone dear carries lots of emotion. It’s a personal thing that shows care, attention and consideration.

That’s why commissioning a piece of artwork that takes you back to a particular place once visited, to visually represent something heartfelt or to mark a unique occasion such as a wedding, a significant birthday or an anniversary is so meaningful.

A painting is a one-of-a-kind physical object, a memory made tangible you can look at time and time again, an artwork with an atmosphere that can transport you…

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The Commission process

Please Note: A commission starts from €500 for an 18 x 24 inches original painting on

canvas or board.

​1. Contact me via the contact form. Tell me what you are looking for, what your time scale is and what is your budget. You can add photos if you have any. This free service is to find out what you have in mind to help me understand what you want and decide if I can create a painting you’ll be delighted with. 2. I formalise your request – by replying with a quote and a suggested completion date.

​Once accepted, I email you an agreement stating what I’ll paint to what timescale, and I email you the first of 3 Paypal requests for payment. This first payment is non-refundable: it’s a third of the amount to order materials and confirm a commission slot in my working schedule to create your artwork.

3. You sign the agreement, return it to me and pay the first down payment which is non-refundable.

4. I start your painting.

5. Halfway through painting, I'll email you for approval and photos showing my progress. I'll also email you for a second Paypal request for payment.

6. Once your artwork is finished, I send you photos. It's so important for me as an artist to know that you are delighted with the finished piece.

7. You let me know if you are happy with your painting.

8. I email you a request for the third and last Paypal payment.

9. Once payment is received, I send you the painting when it’s dry and varnished.

Congratulations, you now have a new, unique painting to cherish or offer to someone special.

Kind Words from Happy Clients

"It was such a pleasure working with Sue on this special commission for our wedding anniversary. We're thrilled with the finished painting which is now the focal point of our home. Sue is such a talented artist, and we look forward to adding more pieces to our collection." -Tracy Daly, Cork. "I commissioned a large painting from Sue for my newly refurbished home. I wanted the painting to show the rugged Irish landscape of rolling hills and wild seas. Sue captured exactly what I was looking for and I'm so delighted with the result. I highly recommend you seek out Sue for your special and unique piece of art." - Tara O'Leary, Cobh, Cork. I recently commissioned a painting from Sue as a present for my husband. Sue worked tirelessly to capture the magic of a place which is very special to us. Sue also ensured the colours were in keeping with our own decor, so the painting fit perfectly into the space. Fantastic memories come to us whenever we look at our painting. Sue is a very talented artist." Deirdre Looney, Kerry.

What kind of commissions do I take

Before contacting me, if you do not know my work, please browse my gallery and shop to get a sense about my work. I love painting landscapes; however, I also love painting abstract landscapes or abstracts that can fit seamlessly into your home and colour schemes.

What kind of painting are you looking for

Here are a few questions to help you define what you are looking for:

  • What subject matter do you want in your painting? Abstract

  • Can you point out two or three of my paintings you particularly like and what it is that appeals to you?

  • What size painting do you have in mind?

  • Where is the painting going to be displayed?

  • Do you prefer a landscape (horizontal), portrait (vertical) or square shape?

  • What is your budget (from a minimum of €500 for a 15 x 12 inches original painting on canvas)?

  • Do you require a frame (I don’t frame paintings but can recommend a frame that would suit the painting)?

  • When do you need the painting completed by?

Other things to consider

Please note creating a painting takes time. If you are thinking about commissioning a painting, please allow a minimum of 2 months before you can receive it. Then it’s carefully packaged to travel to your destination safely. I look forward to hearing from you.

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