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Introducing the stunning Dancing with Colour 1 - Limited Edition Print, a vibrant and captivating artwork that captures the beauty and energy of life beneath the ocean waves. This limited edition print is a reproduction of the original painting, which was inspired by the mesmerizing hues and movements of marine life. Each print is carefully crafted to capture the intricate details and vivid colors of the original artwork, allowing you to bring the wonder and joy of the ocean into your home. With only a limited number of prints available, this exclusive piece is a must-have for art collectors and ocean enthusiasts alike. Add a touch of underwater magic to your space with the Dancing with Colour 1 - Limited Edition Print.

Dancing with colour 1 - Limited edition print

  • Art Prints are printed with premium inks on gallery quality paper. This results in beautiful artwork with unrivalled vibrant images.

    The signature you see online is just a watermark and will not be on any purchased print. All Giclée prints will be signed and numbered in the margin of the print.

    Small – Image is 35cm in diameter with 5cm white space to all sides

    Medium – Image is 50cm in diameter with 7cm white space to all sides

    Large - Image is 60cm in diameter with 9cm white space to all sides



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