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I’ve always loved Art and all things creative …. However, I trained and worked as an Engineer for 20 years. The practicalities of life in that world took over for many years and my art became more of a quiet backdrop often deprioritized or sometimes ignored. My creativity came to the surface in other ways, through my work and experiences in different roles and collaborating with the fantastic people I met along the way. As the years rolled by, I knew something was missing and there was a big hole that needed to be filled. Then I got the opportunity to participate in a joint exhibition and I started painting in earnest. It was only then I truly understood what a huge part of my soul art and painting was and it couldn't be ignored any longer.

My Story

I paint landscapes and abstracts inspired by the sea and the stunning Irish coastline. These works are painted mainly in oils but I love experimenting with different materials and methods to add texture and layers. My artwork range in size from 60cm to recently over 1.2m and I'm really enjoying working on some of the larger scale pieces. It's a real challenge to stop thinking so much when I'm painting, I have noticed my best work happens when I let my instincts take over and see where the paint takes me. 

I also take photographs and digitally reimagine them into pieces of art in their own right. These images are unique and spark a new perspective of familiar locations.

The creative disciplines are all fascinating and beautiful to me. I’m enthralled by Painting, Ceramics, Furniture design and Architecture. I also love Street art, graphic design, colour, shapes and patterns.


All artists have a deep connection with the natural world around us and need that interconnectedness with nature in our lives. This interconnectedness feeds our work and our souls in different ways. I'm driven to find beauty and colour in everything from a rusty old gate, patterns in sand after the tide goes out to the ethereal nature of the clouds in the sky.


The natural world is mesmerizing and Covid has hopefully taught us all to embrace and invest in that relationship more deeply.

In 2022 I finally decided to prioritize my Art and I hope to build on that dream and forge a new life for myself living in a more artistic and creative world. I do this as I want to share the beauty of the world around us with others. I also hope my work will bring a moment of joy, a moment of reflection or even just a moment to take a breath.

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